We believe in the power
of human emotions.

About Plugged™

Plugged™ represents several labels that operate in the live-entertainment industry. The Plugged brand has created worldwide custom-made live shows for clients, ranging from dance events to world industry leaders.

Our labels.

Plugged Live Shows creates and produces touching live shows that engage and inspire audiences around the world. They always take pride in being remarkable, combining the old with the new and the fact that they design and produce every detail for the shows themselves. From a rationale and concept, to the music composed in their in-house studio and the costumes worn by the performers: Plugged Live Shows creates custom-made live shows that will engage and inspire your audience.

The Fireflies creates line-ups and programs out of their extensive database of live acts. They book the artists and manage all necessary aspects on stage and backstage for an outstanding performance. See The Fireflies as your own booking agent, entertainment producer and artistic consultant. The Fireflies save you time, guide you artistically, and take care of everything that needs to be organized.


Etnastraat 20 | 4814 AA | Breda | The Netherlands

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